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Updated 2006.08.16

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More has changed in my system in the past month then in the past 3 years. From the switch from the Mark Levinson No.33H to the Acoustic Reality eAR1001 monoblocks, to the switch from the Revel Ultima Salon to the Magico Mini. Each change brought huge changes to the sound of my setup.


My first real hi-fi was purchased back in 1993, which consisted of a Wadia 6 CD Player, Jadis DA-60 integrated amplifier and a pair of B&W Silver Signature speakers (the original 25th anniversary model). The system served me well for about 5 years.

It has since then been a journey of trial and error. Years of frustrations and discovery. The culprit of the problem comes when I replaced my trusted B&W Silver Signature with a pair of Sonus Faber Amati Homage. The Amati are drop-dead gorgeous, but at least in my room, sounded absolutely hollow and soul-less.

It took me a long time to admit that the Amati simply did not work in my room and after changing pretty much everything, the problem persisted. It was time to go to the source of the problem and replaced the Amati.

Hi-Fi is really not about what component is better. At the end of the days, it boils down to subjective judgement and personal preference. Whatever makes you happiest, is the best system for you.

Below is my current system:

Home Theater
Lossless Music Gateway   Plasma  
Panasonic TH-42PWD3U
Disc Player   HT Processor
Proceed AVP
DAC/Preamp   Multi-Channel Amps
Tact RCS 2.0s w/ mods
Surround Speakers
M&K SS-150 Mk II THX Tripole
M&K MX-700 BackFire Subwoofer
  DVD Recorder/TV Tuner
power supply    
Now Broadband TV
Siltech G6 Eskay Creek
siltech G6 Forbes Lake
Siltech G5 Golden Ridge
Siltech SPO-18 power cords
XLO Ultra 10
Audio Note SP-z
update: 2006.08.16